This month’s newsletter is about giving your character(s) imperfections.

But I'm Perfect...with minor imperfections

In developing your character(s) it’s important that readers relate to even the most horrible character. There has to be something about each one of your characters that makes each somewhat likable by somebody, even if just for a brief moment. Remember JR Ewing from Dallas? He slept around, even with his wife’s sister, tormented poor Cliff, yet every week for years, people watched the show to see what he was up to.  I’d say he had a few imperfections… very well developed. Good job screen writers.

Take a look at some of your favorite shows, movies, books or even people you work with. Find the one person most people don’t like and ask yourself why? What makes people dislike this person? Make a list of his/her character flaws, behaviors, language( does he/she curse, speak with an accent, have a lisp when he says certain words,makes a point to be snobbish, what?,  the list goes on) and use it as a reference guide when you are trying to get your characters in development. Then, ask yourself, what is the one thing I can do with this character that would make him likable. It could be as simple as he opens the doors for elderly. Or, maybe you looked out the window and saw him or her offer assistance to a small child.  Just give him/her something that we can like, even if we dislike them.

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