And they’re off!

Every year I look forward to watching the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont. There is nothing like the magnificent and beautiful horses parading around before the race giving us all a glimpse of who might the winner be. My heart flutters when I hear and “they’re off”. This year however, emotions ran high. For those who read my recent newsletter, I pointed out how the world offers you plenty of opportunity to study emotion. Enter…the Belmont.

Steve Coburn was extremely upset California Chrome did not win. Whether his comments are warranted or not, is not the issue for this post. His emotions are.  I watched the zoom in from the cameras as they zeroed in on his face both before the race and afterwards. What I want you to consider is the look of hope and anticipation on his face before the race. When you are looking at building emotions in your character(s) think about the effect of a crowd of people in the thousands, not to mention that many more at home watching and the feelings it presents you. Did you catch how he kissed his wife before the race?  He had genuine love and respect for her. What about when he held her hand? These are gestures you should consider for your character’s development. You could almost feel the hopes and dreams they had for California Chrome.

Now for the aftermath, anger was evident. Notice how the forceful tone of his voice took over demanding attention. The cajoling of his wife trying to stop him, was to no avail. Her emotions are worth noting as well. She, too, was extremely upset, but for different reasons. So as the scene gets played in the media, study the emotions of Mr. Coburn. He provided you with an interesting insight into the emotions of someone whose hopes and dreams for a triple crown were shattered in less than two minutes.



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