Just in time for the holidays! High Heels and Housecoats

Take a break from your shopping and indulge in an enjoyable read!

High Heels and Housecoats

Now available at Amazon.com

Jenna Wyatt is approaching her thirty year anniversary to her husband, Michael. Feeling as though the excitement has gone out of her marriage, Jenna confides in her dear friend, Leslie Bradden her fears.

Leslie, being one of fun and flirtation, thinks Jenna needs to “spice things up” in her marriage and comes up with a plan.

But alas, no one bothered to tell Avalon Coeur d’ lane, the busybody and intruding neighbor who goes out of her way to know the affairs of others about the plan.

When Michael disappears for a few days, Avalon suspects he is having an affair and decides she will stop at nothing to find him.

Things take an unsuspecting turn, when the woman Avalon finds him with, turns out to be the woman she adores.





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