Is My Life Better?

It has been exactly one year this month that my life changed drastically. No more hustle and bustle of city life that included gun shots ringing throughout the night only to be followed by police sirens.

Change can be a good thing. This past year I left the cold and the bitterness and headed for warmer temperatures.  And along the path to live out my dream to be a homesteader, opportunities came, both good and not so good.

But I learned. A LOT!

Is my life better?

I am at peace. My alarm clock is a beautiful Buff Orpington rooster who lets me know every morning that it is indeed morning. The chickens roam where ever they want to go and in exchange I receive delicious fresh eggs.

My one Buff hen hatched her first chicks. Six gorgeous little ones!  All are doing well and providing me with tremendous amounts of laughs.

Is my life better?

Change brings trials and tribulations; but testing one’s patience or endurance can lead to growth and growth leads to opportunities and opportunities lead to blessings.

Is my life better?

When I stand outside on my deck and watch the sun start to set, dazzled by the brilliance of colors bursting across the sky, is my life better? Without a doubt, my life is better.


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Contemporary Romance Writer
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One Response to Is My Life Better?

  1. Hello Logan,
    I have wondered where you were?? I met you at the Ankeny Author Fair and looked for you last year. Hope thing are going great in your writing and all parts of your life. Keep in touch.

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