Successful Advice to Homesteading: 101

Homesteading has been one adventure after another.  Another one of our hens went broody and hatched four eggs. Watching a mother hen tend to her little ones has provided us with an endless supply of laughs and enjoyment. Seeing the chicks stretch their wings lets us know, they are growing. Today I saw hints of tails developing on three of the four. Our (alarm clock) rooster keeps watch over the flock making sure everyone behaves and alerts the hens and chicks to any predators in the area.

Im so sexy!

Look at me! I’m so sexy:)

If you are looking at wanting to homestead, I strongly recommend that you do your research. Watch Alaska the Last Frontier, the Kilcher clan’s life is not an easy one. Read blogs, articles, and books on homesteading. There is a lot of valuable advice out there to let you know of the perils and triumphs of a lifestyle that is not for everyone.

Simple advice if you want to try homesteading:

  1. Have a plan. Planning is key to making homesteading work. The nearest town may be many miles away. That quick trip to the store may take you forty-five minutes or more just to get there. And another forty-five or so to get back home. Thinking about ordering a pizza? Be prepared to go get it. Delivery? Not likely. Making lists, setting priorities and knowing what your goals are will guide you with your planning.
  2. Don’t go into debt. Getting started in homesteading can be expensive. The seeds you buy or the plants you bought to grow your own food may not grow. The weather may rain on your parade of crops to the point they rot making all your efforts fruitless. Plan…for the unknown.
  3. Start small. When you first begin homesteading the tendency may be to go big. For example, if you want to grow your own vegetables, start with some raised beds and see what will grow and what won’t. You don’t need to invest in an expensive tractor with all the implements only to have all those seeds you planted with your “must have” machine have a germination rate of 20%. Take a step by step approach to becoming self sufficient. Small steps lessen the pain of failure, but those small steps provide valuable insight into growth for future successes.

Homesteading can be a wonderful way of life.  There are a lot of blogs devoted to homesteading filled with advice and how-to’s. Subscribe to some. Interested in bees? Join a beekeepers organization. Want to raise cows? Find a cattlemen s’ association to belong to. You’ll gain knowledge about the industry and meet new friends. Visit a farmer’s market. Talk with the vendors there and ask questions. Most are more than willing to share their knowledge with you.

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March 2016

March 2016

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WInks Newsletter February 2016

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Is My Life Better?

It has been exactly one year this month that my life changed drastically. No more hustle and bustle of city life that included gun shots ringing throughout the night only to be followed by police sirens.

Change can be a good thing. This past year I left the cold and the bitterness and headed for warmer temperatures.  And along the path to live out my dream to be a homesteader, opportunities came, both good and not so good.

But I learned. A LOT!

Is my life better?

I am at peace. My alarm clock is a beautiful Buff Orpington rooster who lets me know every morning that it is indeed morning. The chickens roam where ever they want to go and in exchange I receive delicious fresh eggs.

My one Buff hen hatched her first chicks. Six gorgeous little ones!  All are doing well and providing me with tremendous amounts of laughs.

Is my life better?

Change brings trials and tribulations; but testing one’s patience or endurance can lead to growth and growth leads to opportunities and opportunities lead to blessings.

Is my life better?

When I stand outside on my deck and watch the sun start to set, dazzled by the brilliance of colors bursting across the sky, is my life better? Without a doubt, my life is better.

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Winks Newsletter ~ January 2016


Welcoming in 2016!

WInks Newsletter january 2016



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Winks Newsletter ~ January 2016

Welcome to the January 2016 newsletter. This year a building your vocabulary segment was added on the left column to introduce you to words to consider using in your writing.

Words are a writer’s greatest gift. Consider the emotion a simple word such as “if “can invoke. How many times have you heard, “WELL…if you would have…”  And the memories keep coming, both good and maybe not so good.

When developing your plot(s) ask yourself, what “if” and see where the path takes you. Characters have a way of guiding you to their choice(s) and it might not be what you originally had planned.

Take a chance this year. Send your characters down an unexpected path and see where the journey takes you. The element of surprise is what keeps readers turning the pages.

Best wishes for a successful 2016,


WInks Newsletter january 2016

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Just in time for the holidays! High Heels and Housecoats

Take a break from your shopping and indulge in an enjoyable read!

High Heels and Housecoats

Now available at

Jenna Wyatt is approaching her thirty year anniversary to her husband, Michael. Feeling as though the excitement has gone out of her marriage, Jenna confides in her dear friend, Leslie Bradden her fears.

Leslie, being one of fun and flirtation, thinks Jenna needs to “spice things up” in her marriage and comes up with a plan.

But alas, no one bothered to tell Avalon Coeur d’ lane, the busybody and intruding neighbor who goes out of her way to know the affairs of others about the plan.

When Michael disappears for a few days, Avalon suspects he is having an affair and decides she will stop at nothing to find him.

Things take an unsuspecting turn, when the woman Avalon finds him with, turns out to be the woman she adores.




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